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The Shakespearean Horizon: Worlds Upon Worlds in the Renaissance and Today (coauthored with Henry S. Turner, in progress)

Globalizing Fortune on the Early Modern Stage 
(Oxford University Press, 2022)

Islamic Conversion and Christian Resistance on the Early Modern Stage
(Edinburgh University Press, August 2010; paperback edition published June 2015)

Religion and Drama in Early Modern England: The Performance of Religion on the Renaissance Stage
 (Co-edited with Elizabeth Williamson, Ashgate Press, May 2011)

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"Performing the Sea: Fortune, Risk, and Audience Engagement in Pericles," 

Renaissance Drama 48.1 (Spring 2020): 103-129.

"The Reformation, Inter-imperial World History, and Marlowe's Doctor Faustus," PMLA 130.2 (2015): 401-11.


“Purifying the Pursuit of Gold in Thomas Heywood’s Fair Maid of the West,” Historical Affects and the Early Modern Theater, eds. Michelle Dowd, Ronda Arab, and Adam Zucker (Routledge, 2015), 152-68.


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